Porter-Cable 362V Review


The Porter-Cable 362V belt sander is a high-powered machine designed for use by professional contractors and serious woodworkers who need to do a lot of work in a small amount of time. With its wide 4″ surface and 12 AMP power, it can quickly remove large amounts of material from …

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Makita 9403 Review


Let’s start by saying that if you don’t already have a heavy-duty sander, the Makita 9403 should be the first model you consider. One single feature that supports this is a low noise level built into it’s design. Makita made it a point to engineer the quietest sander of this …

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How to Use a Belt Sander Correctly

All power tools require careful use to prevent injury. However, there is often a wide gap between the appropriate techniques to ensure survival and those that are required for the best use. Without specific knowledge, it is quite easy to use a power tool in a way that might seem …

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Makita 9903 Review

The list of features for the Makita 9903 8.8 Amp Variable Speed Belt Sander is impressive. For its size it has a powerful 8.8 amp motor that is surprisingly quiet; it rates at only 85dB. It has a dial controlled variable speed feature that allows you to tailor the sander’s …

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Best Benchtop Sanders

Benchtop sanders are stationary equipment generally used for woodworking. These sanders come with a belt sander, but sometimes they also provide a disk sander. In this instance, they are known as a combination sander. Generally fairly heavy to prevent vibrations, benchtop sanders are often used to shape the project. Mounted …

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Best Random Orbit Sanders

Random orbital sanders provide a solid degree of versatility for sanding needs. With a disk and head that offers variable rotation, these sanders can be well suited for rough work, like a belt sander, but they can also be used for finishing—depending on the variance of oscillation speed. Hand-held, the …

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Best Belt Sanders for Under $100

The belt sanders are real workhorses, they are the heavyweights when it comes to sanding. They can be used for fine trimming, smoothing and leveling rough surfaces, rounding corners and edges, or freehand shaping. Carpenters rely on the top rated sanders to dress the edges, smooth and flatten big glued-up …

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The Benefits of Using Wood

Image by Life of Pix

There is no denying the persistence of wood material in our modern world. Even when rapid industrialization calls for steel, making it constantly in demand, wood remains the top pick in many applications. This is because it is a potentially infinite resource thanks to tree replanting and other measures that …

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