Craftsman Router & Table Review

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Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo
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This offering from Craftsman includes both a full featured router table and a router to go with it. Both these products together are offered at a price that most router tables exceed. If you’re looking for an entry level product, and don’t already own a router, you should definitely read on.

Router Specifications

With such a cheap combo, you’d expect a lackluster performance from the router, instead you are provided with a 1.75 HP motor that runs at 27,000 RPM. Although lacking speed adjustment it does have a soft start technology, minimizing jerk when starting and stopping. The router is in fact a Craftsman 2767, and at full bore will draw 9.5A at 110V. The package includes a fixed base with large handles, a ¼” collet, vacuum attachment and chip deflector.

A positive cam buckle holds the router at the desired depth, with a height adjustment knob allowing for 1/64” incremental adjustments. The motor makes use of replaceable, long life carbon brushes, while bearings are sealed and pre-lubricated. The router with its base can be used by itself, or fits perfectly onto the included benchtop table.

Table Specifications

The router table in the kit is a Craftsman 37599. The tabletop is a laminated surface that is 5/8” thick, which provides a smooth work area. The table boasts 334 square inches of space to work on, with a fence that is just short of 24” wide with a 2.25” dust extraction port at the back. The table sits atop two plastic legs which are sturdy and provide a clearance of 12.5”, which should accommodate most routers. The legs do have holes which allow the mounting of the table to a workbench or other surface. When operated with compatible routers, the above table height of the bit can be adjusted by turning the appropriate knob with a hex wrench. Also included are a miter gauge with 0 to 60 degree adjustment in either direction which fits the slot on the table and two featherboards which fit on the fence and are screw adjustable.

A duplex power outlet is integrated into the design with safety lock control. The duplex outlets can be used to plug in the router and optional light or vacuum for simultaneous activation. 3 insert rings are included with the table, supporting different sized bits, and a large protective shield covers the work area. The shield hinges on the fence and is made from strong clear Perspex.


Keep in mind that you can easily pay this price for a router or a table alone, so getting both for this amount of money is going to come at some cost, and that cost is quality. That being said, the product provides value for money. If you are just looking for a router and table to do the odd job with, go for it, but don’t expect to use it every day or for heavy duty applications and expect it to keep working. It is a well thought out product, and for the market and price you pay it is a good purchase.

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