Dynabrade 56815 Review

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Dynabrade, 56815, Air Random Orbital Sander, 0.28HP, 5 In.
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Dynabrade, 56815, Air Random Orbital Sander, 0.28HP, 5 In.
  • Made in America
  • Commercial Brand: Dynabrade
  • Metalworking

For many hobbyists and DIYers, the mobility provided with electrical tools is key to their buying decision. For others, the minimal maintenance, small design and other features of a pneumatic random orbital sander cannot be overlooked. The Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme is a sturdy, no-fuss random orbital sander that is the perfect addition for your pneumatic tool arsenal.

Dust & Abrasives

Dynabrade manufacturer a large variety of sanding tools, and key to their success is diversity. Although the 56815 is a very specific product, your options for alternatives or variations are great. The 56815 is supplied with a 5”, non-vacuum backing pad, but Dynabrade offer everything from 3.5” to 6” backing pads, both with and without dust removal holes. The supplied pad also differs from conventional designs in that it does not feature the hook and loop surface, but requires adhesive backed sanding discs to adhere to the backing pad.

As mentioned the supplied backing pad does not feature holes for dust removal, and likewise the sander, as it comes, does not feature any kind of vacuum or dust removal features. If you require dust removal though, attachments can be purchased that make for easy conversion. Alternatively, an original unit can be bought that provides a vacuum from the pneumatic air, as well as for a central vacuum unit.

Power & Speed

Unlike the electrical units, pneumatic units cannot be compared based on the current draw. Often the maximum power that a pneumatic orbital sander can provide is based on the supplied compressed air. In their specifications, Dynabrade rate the 56815 for a maximum of 12,000 RPM at a pressure of 6.2 bar. At this level the motor is assigned a power rating of 209W, making use of a five-blade rotor to produce more usable power.

For those wondering if their home compressor will be sufficient to operate the unit, it requires an air flow rate of 18 SCFM. This unit operates on a 3/16” orbit, but Dynabrade also offer units with a larger 3/8” orbit as well as a smaller 3/32” orbit. A triple-sealed front double row balancer bearing is responsible for the movement of the tool, and it is protected from sanding residue, to improve the tool’s life.

Size & Ergonomics

One of the biggest advantages of a pneumatic tool is its small form, and that is evident by just looking at the product. With a height of only 3.5”, and a width no wider than its 5” backing pad, the tool is easy to manipulate with one hand, and agile enough for any shaped surface. Weighing only 2.1lb, it also competes with electric tools for lightness.

Beyond its small size, the orbital sander has a composite base with an integrated rubber covering. This creates a non-slip surface for holding the tool, and also insulates your hand from the cold metal. At the back of the 6.5” long sander is a comfort platform. It extends above the pneumatic connections, and offers both wrist support as well as increased protection against the cold air from the motor’s exhaust.

One concern with pneumatic tools is the noise generated by the air flow. All the Dynabrade random orbital sanders in this range have a sound level of between 75 and 84 dB(A), with the 56815 sitting at 79 db(A). Depending on the environment in which you work, hearing protection is advised.

Dynabrade 56815 Video

If you’ve never seen the Dynabrade 56815 sander in action, here is a short YouTube video demonstrating how to use one to finish metals: