Everything you need to know about sanding belt [Part 2]

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Choosing the best sanding belt

The sanding belt one selects to complete a smoothing job is a critical determinant of results to anticipate. Sanding belts are designed for different smoothing purposes, and a buyer should clearly understand these requirements before setting out to select a specific model.

Check out the recommended grit standard for various tasks

  • Grit grade 80-100: This grade is the best for beginners working on wooden projects. The sanding belt is ideal for clearing wood finishes and paints from surfaces to give wood or furniture a very smooth outlook.
  • Grit grade 110-150: For users with intense wood projects such as preparation, this is the best sanding belt to select.
  • Grit grade 180: This grit level is recommended for users working on softwood tasks.
  • Grit grade 200-400: Sanding belts with this fine grit standard are ideal for completing projects. The belt works well in smoothing varnish coats to give wooden items a great and appealing outlook.
  • Grit grade above 800: If the project entails dealing with a very hard wood surface, a sanding belt with grit grade of 800 and over should be considered

Check out on sanding belt features

Manufacturers of sanding belts produce a variety of belts that range in sizes. The size of the belt should be guided by the belt sander to be used. Carefully check the machine type and only buy an ideal size. Many sellers have technical support staff with understanding on all types of belt sanders and will be of great assistance to select the right size.

The belt backing design is very important in defining results of any smoothing process. If the smoothing task is simple, a paper backing will be okay. However, sanding belts for smoothing hard surfaces should be strong and thick to withstand greater friction and higher temperatures. Some manufacturers use heat resistant synthetic materials and recommend protection aids to avoid damaging projects.

Select the right backing

When a belt sander user checks on different sanding belts, the sanding job and surface materials should be very clear in the mind. The backing is the material upon which grit for smoothing surfaces is added. If a sanding belt is made with a paper backing, it should be used on wood finishes. Paper backings are also categorized from grade A to grade F. Grade A is the lightest and should only be used for light tasks.

One can also consider a cloth backing. The clothing type is also classified from weight J- X. The X weight is the heaviest in this category and users can apply it to a wide range of uses. This is the most preferred backing for most sanding belts when a user has medium to heavy smoothing tasks.

Select from top brands

Over time, sanding belt manufacturers have increased tremendously. However, user can only be sure of getting the best belts by selecting from renowned brands that have stood the test of time. To know this, check out through reviews on different sanding belts and follow the manufacturers.

You can also tell the best brands by checking those who sell their products with guarantees. A good brand that utilizes latest technology to design sanding belts will always offer guarantees to its clients. Such manufacturers pre-test the sanding belts and are sure that clients will get results after using them correctly.

A good sanding belt designer should always be there to assist clients understand the product and offer any additional help that might be required. The company should not simply be out to optimize sales, but have complete focus on making clients as satisfied as possible. Therefore, check out for belt designers who provide user guides and are available for additional inquiries where necessary.

Find out the sanding belt old at affordable rates. Though the main focus should be quality of the belt, compare the prices too. A good company will price its belts affordably to make it easy for clients to buy and use. To enjoy lower prices, sanding belt users can consider buying when the products are on offer. Besides, it is also commendable to purchase the belt of choice from online stores which are cheaper compared to conventional sellers.


Careful selection of a sanding belt is for assurance of better results and high value for money. The user should understand fully the task to be completed and sander machine to fit the belt. With appropriate grit grade and right backing, every user can rest assured of making smoothing session enjoyable.

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