Safety tips when using a wood router

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To make a perfect wood product, the workers must have spent a hard time to complete it. Each of wood product will have their own shapes. Therefore, they have to carry out every different step with every different tool which will be supportive or suitable for its step. One of its most important steps is routing the wood product which makes it smoother and lighter. However, it will not be easy for people to use this tool – wood router. So, in this article, I will show you the ways how to use a wood router safely.

What’s router?

Before starting to make a wood product with the wood router tool, you should get its definition, as well as its composition clearly.  The router is a tool which is usually used to hollow out the surface of hard area, especially wood product. In the recent market, it provide many form of wood routers such as hand tool form of router, power tool form of router… In spite of the fact that the hand tool has more advantages than the power tool, most worker like the versatility of power tool due to being replaced by the modern spindle router. wood router safely:

Always wear safety gear

Prepare some safe gear to wear during routing: it help you protect your eyes, ear… In case, someone has a long hair, you should prepare a hat to wear before starting your work. In the process of routing, the sound from wood router is quite louder. Therefore, the worker often use proper eye, ear and mask which can prevent from dust to wear in every single working time. One more safe demand to starting to rout is that you do not wear the loose clothes because it will be easy to hit against this tool.

Keep the stock or the wood piece in secure position: Based on the size of wood piece, you can choose the difference sizes table to put it. It will make the position of wood strip more steadily.

Try to keep your hand and fingers safely: whenever you route a wood piece with free hand, you should notice that you never use like that, instead, you should use a push block, push stick, feather board due to its flexible propellant. It not only protects your hand and finger but also makes the cut’s wood piece more and more qualitative.

Don’t do any adjustment without unplugging the router at first: you should switch off router of switches, even don’t connect the power with whatever the bits are changed. Always make sure that all of its tool or attachments are completely prepared or tightened safely before contacting with power.